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Aishwarya Krishnan

Ringling College of Art and Design Illustration Student 2024
Aishwarya Krishnan
Illustration Student '24

Born: Texas, USA

Lives and works in Bangalore, India and Sarasota, Florida, USA


Aishwarya Krishnan is a Sarasota-based illustrator and oil painter with her roots stemming from India. Her works primarily revolve around scenes from her time growing up in India, often paying homage to her cultural heritage and family history. Most painted scenes nod to the artist’s family background as well. Coming from a long lineage of painters, including Raja Ravi Varma, she intends to bring an impressionist take to Indian scenes.


She is currently receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Illustration with a minor in Art History from Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida. Her creative process mimics the loud and high-energy attitude that Aishwarya holds. This rather instinctive process is what made her enjoy painting as much as she does today. A similar bold expressive, shape-like approach is tackled with her illustrative work, which is a part of her instinctive nature to lean towards shape structure. 

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