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Alexis Copeland

Ringling College of Art and Design 
Alexis Copeland

Alexis is a graduate from Ringling and currently works as a hands-on designer and creative director at Microsoft Design, where she focuses on art and design for Microsoft's Fluent design language. Beyond Microsoft, she adopts the moniker "Noodle Factory," inspired by the iconic Andy Warhol. This whimsical persona mirrors her long noodle-y hair, noodle-y arms, and fun noodle-y ideas. Recently, she co-published "Miso Eats Noodles", a children's book which celebrates diversity by illustrating a variety of noodle dishes from around the world. The book aims to teach children that the far ends of the earth aren't so far apart after all. Alexis thanks you for your support and for being a part of her creative journey to build a more diverse, playful, and inspiring world.

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