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Candice Aerstin Maxfield

Ringling College of Art and Design Alumni Fashion Design 1971
Candice Maxfield.jpg
Candice Aerstin Maxfield
Alumni Fashion Design '71

Candice is best known for her contemporary style of art. She uses the mystical qualities of the sea and sky to influence her work. Raised on the islands of Trinidad, in the Caribbean West Indies, her work shows the influence of that "island life". Using the sea as her mantra, she hopes to bring awareness of our dependence on these two wonders of nature. Educated at The Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL. she has done work in many fields, among which includes, showcase designs for American Airlines, Wilsonart and Square 1, being some of her clients. She has exhibited in galleries in the Texas area, some of which are 1550 Gallery, The Hill Country Arts Foundation, Kerrville, Tx, Laredo Center for the Arts. Her hand painted and handmade canvas bags are in a couple of boutiques in Colleyville, Tx and at the Newbill Gallery in Seaside, Fl.

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