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Cari Beattie

Ringling College of Art and Design Fine Art Alumni 2024
Cari Beattie
Alumni Fine Art '24

Cari Beattie (b. 2001, Canton, GA) is a multi-disciplinary fine artist; she paints
with layers of vibrant oil paint, expressive gestures, and embroidered details
to express passionate emotions of intimacy and nature. The environment of
these works are set in open expanses that the viewer can get lost in.
Experimentation is pertinent to her process of art-making, constantly
integrating sculptural elements into her paintings. She utilizes techniques
from fiber arts, as she was deeply influenced by watching her mother
tentatively sew for hours throughout her childhood. This instilled a profound
interest in fiber arts in her studio practice. Fabric scraps from her mother’s old
projects and hand-embroidery are synthesized into her oil paintings.

She earned her BFA in Fine Arts and Minor in Art History at Ringling College
of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. Her work has been exhibited at Crossley
Gallery (FL), Willis Smith Gallery (FL), Roskamp Exhibition Hall (FL), Savage
Gallery (FL), and SPAACES (FL). She was nominated as a Trustee Scholar
(2023), granted the Dean’s Scholarship (2020-24) and the Laurence and Ruth
Richmond Endowed Scholarship (2020-24) at Ringling College of Art and


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