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John Quigley

Ringling College of Art and Design Illustration Class of 2025
IMG_20190518_174830 (1).jpg
John Quigley
Illustration '25 

I am a self-taught artist who utilizes an experimental approach.   I use mixed media techniques to bring together my love of photography, painting, and the thrill of finding new ways to use overlooked materials. 
     My life experiences are the inspiration for many of my pieces. Influences from my childhood in middle-class suburbia can be seen in much of my work, as the playful colors and characters often mask the deeper conflict.  I spent much of my adult life serving in the US ARMY with multiple combat deployments working with Special Operations.  After being honorably discharged, I transitioned to private military contracting where I performed security for government officials, high ranking military officers, and diplomats from around the world. Art was and is still my outlet for processing all of the events, experiences, and cultures I have seen.  Color, light, and texture intermingle within each of my pieces to create depth and tell a story. 
     I design pieces for everyone, but I particularly enjoy making "man art"- tasteful and thought-provoking pieces with masculine overtures.

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