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Estrella Olivas

Ringling College of Art and Design Illustration Student 2024
Estrella Olivas
Estrella Olivas
Student Illustration '24

Estrella Olivas is an illustrator, painter, and creative artist, born and raised in the Sunshine State. Art has been a part of her life since she was little, and she was always fascinated and in love with creating art. Throughout the years, she's explored different media in the art world that have become part of the many things she loves to work with.


Whatever Estrella is working on, be it painting, digital art, or even experimenting, she enjoys it with such a deep passion. She tends to concentrate on pieces that focus on creation, nature, inspirational artwork, and lively and fun stories.


She hopes that with her art, she can spread hope, truth, encouragement, and positive messages to everyone.

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