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Sarasota Art Gallery, Ringling Store

What is the Madeby Gallery?

Ringling College of Art and Design is one of only a few colleges in the country that provides an exclusive gallery for its students and graduates to show and sell their work. 


Who is eligible to submit artwork to the Madeby Gallery?

Ringling College of Art and Design current full-time students and alumni.


What can you submit to the Madeby Gallery?

Submissions are reviewed on a continual basis.


You can submit work from any media. Madeby reserves the right to select work based on the following: quality, uniqueness, appeal, and space availability.


Can International students sell work at Madeby?

At this time, International students are not eligible to sell their work at the gallery due to visa and tax restrictions. 


Why should I submit my artwork to the Madeby Gallery?

By submitting your artwork to the Madeby Gallery you will receive first-hand experience in how to present yourself and your work to a gallery. Selling your work with the gallery is a great way to make some extra money as well as a beneficial additive to your resume. We help you with pricing your work and you become part of an exclusive gallery. Once you graduate, you can always sell your work at Madeby.


What kind of artwork is Madeby Gallery looking for?


Madeby Gallery sells artwork that has been created by Ringling College of Art and Design students and alumni, so if you can imagine it, we can sell it. Currently, we are selling paintings, sculpture, prints, photographs, jewelry, clothing, handbags, greeting cards, books, pottery, furniture, soaps, candle, essential oils, student designed key chains, buttons, magnets, and stickers.


What documentation should I bring along with me when submitting my work?

We ask that you email your artist statement and/or bio along with jpeg images of your work and your year of graduation or pending graduation year, along with your major to before your appointment. You should also bring a hard copy of the artist statement and/or bio to your appointment. Make sure your work is ready to hang or ready to sell. If you are selling prints they must be packaged in clear portfolio sleeves or either cardboard or foamcore board (to prevent damage).


What size should my images be, when I send them in?

No bigger than 640x480 and 72dpi is ideal, as they will be used for your artist page on the website.


What is a consignment contract?

A consignment contract is a written agreement between the artist and the gallery regarding the selling terms established and agreed upon by both parties.


What happens if my artwork is selected?

If your work is accepted, terms of the consignment agreement, or purchase of work will be discussed with you in detail. You will be asked at that time to sign a statement that reads:

All property has been created solely by me and is owned by me and is free of all claims and offsets of any and all kinds; and I acknowledge under penalties of perjury that there is no connection between the creation of works of art and any other services I may provide to RCAD now or in the future as an employee or an independent contractor.


How does my paintings need to be presented?

All work must be ready to either framed with attaching hooks and wire for hanging, matted with sleeves, etc.


What percentage of profits will I receive from the sale of my artwork?

We offer a 60/40 split for consigned work, which means that you will receive 60 percent of every sale. In some circumstances, we purchase work out right for a 50/50 split. Checks are issued by the college.


How long is my artwork with Madeby Gallery if it is on consignment?

Madeby Gallery will retain your artwork until it is sold or up to six months. After that time the gallery will contact you to either renew your contract and/or switch out the artwork. You may continue to submit artwork to the gallery at any time with prior acceptance.


How much should I sell my artwork for?

Knowing how much to sell your artwork for can be a difficult process even for established artists. One way to go about deciding on a selling price is to figure the approximate number of hours you spent working on the piece and pay yourself a fixed amount per hour. You would then add this amount to your cost of materials. Because Madeby Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery, this price will be 60% of what you sell the work for; the other 40% goes back to the operations of Madeby. For example: If you want to make $60 then the full retail price would be $100.


What do I do if my artwork is on consignment with the gallery and I need it back for a show?

In order to receive your artwork back during the consignment period all that you need to do is email us the dates you will need your work. At least 7 days prior to the date you need the work.


Is there anything else that comes with being a part of the Madeby Gallery?

Once you become part of Madeby Gallery, you will be listed on our website and have your own page. You will need to provide a short artist statement – basically we want to know what motivates you to create your work. We also need a headshot. All this information needs to be complete prior to your work being uploaded to Madeby's website. We will also contact you to see if you are interested in participating in Madeby events.


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