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Hazel Aerstin Jordan

Ringling College of Art and Design Fashion Design Alumni 1971
Hazel Aerstin Jordan
Alumni Fashion Design '71

HAZEL AERSTIN JORDAN (HAJ), is best known for her dabbling nature. She cannot pin point her passion for just one subject or medium. Drawing, painting, jewelry making, ukulele playing and singing are just a few of her passions. She enjoys drawing the human figure and tends to include it in all of her work, whether it be in the realistic form or cartoon like in her greeting cards. Born on the island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean West Indies, Hazel tends to add “color” to everything that she does. Having just moved to Santa Fe, she has started incorporating the style of the Native Americans, especially in her jewelry making, mixing beads with metals. Graduated 1971, Fashion Design, from The Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL and has been open to any art form, including doing window displays for Studio 55 and Christmas displays for several clients. She has been in exhibits held at 1550 Gallery, Kerrville, TX. and The Arts Foundation, also in Kerrville, Texas. In a juried show, at The Laredo Arts in Laredo, TX, she won several first place ribbons and one 2nd place, for her depiction of the male and female form.

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