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Jamie Lovern - Lolablue 

Ringling College of Art and Design Graphic Design Alumni 1993
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Jamie Lovern - Lolablue
Alumni Graphic Design '93
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Jamie graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ringling College of Art & Design and spent 12 years in the corporate world as an award winning graphic designer. 


Jamie founded Lolablue in 2003 by Jamie Lovern (aka Lola).  It all started with candles. Being a candle lover, she soon learned about how toxic regular paraffin wax candles are for our health & environment. She decided to start making soy candles and use her skills as a graphic designer for all marketing and packaging, Lolablue was born. 


Her partner in crime DJ Lovern, joined the company full time in 2013. DJ has an extensive background in personal training, counseling and nutrition.


'Lola' was a nickname given to Jamie by her best bud Pete, referring to her love of Barry Manilow. "Her name was Lola" - Copacabana. 'Blue' because our planet is called "The Blue Planet" and respecting Mother Earth in all we do is a huge part of the company's philosophy.

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