Jessica Nagy

Ringling College of Art and Design Fine Arts Alumni 2006
Jessica Nagy
Alumni Fine Arts '06

"Two distinct words that blur together when I struggle to connect the associations into one definitive concept. A painting is a painting. I acknowledge the art I create has a process with its own prescription; an unintentional intuitive message. That personal message is scattered, indecisive, and always searching – for what. What is the deeper meaning. What is my message. I think of everything and nothing. Emotions are my primary materials: confusion, despair, joy, anxiousness, anger, acceptance. The work is not complete until I’ve exhausted those materials. Actions speak louder than words and the examples of those moments are blurred into collective non-representational visuals. Relationships can be symbolized in the objects we wear. My current jewelry series, “Treasured Extensions” reflects the desire to share and create a link to special memories. In my new painting series, “Dessert Diagnosis” I am taking the metaphysical translation of my work and putting a label on it. Life is bittersweet. So is art. I trust the paint to do my conceptual talking to you... What do you hear? Listen. See. Communicate."

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