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Julie Dye - Blossom and Shine 

Ringling College of Art and Design Alumni Photography and Imaging 2004
Julie Dye.jpg
Blossom and Shine
Julie Dye
Alumni Photography and Imaging '04

Before Julie Dye was a small business owner, she was an artist.  It all started when Julie was a student of photography at the Ringling College of Art and Design.  It was at this time that she enrolled in her first bookbinding class.  She immediately fell in love with the old age practice of binding books by hand and discovered great pleasure in the process of working with her hands.  Over the next ten years she continued to explore the possibilities of working with such a delicate and irreversible medium.  In 2014 Julie learned the art of silver smithing and began to integrate the process into her products.  She has since gone on to create a line of handmade jewelry, accessories, and gift items crafted from beautiful Japanese papers, and combining the use of various materials, like sterling silver, resin and wood.

Blossom and Shine jewelry is designed and handcrafted by Julie in her studio in St Petersburg, Florida.


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