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Leigh Bohne

Ringling College of Art and Design Illustration Alumni 1970
Leigh Bohne1.png
Leigh Bohne
Alumni Illustration '70

Leigh Bohne, a nationally-recognized architectural illustrator, additionally focuses his quality illustrative capabilities and visualization to virtually any genre of his art.  He has produced landscape oil paintings, figuratives done as drawing, watercolor and oil, as well as structural and vintage industrial art which he refers to as “archigraphics”.  He is currently involved extensively in watercolor, oils and drawing.  His latest series of watercolors focused on the fishing tugs and lighthouses of Lake Michigan. His latest oil painting series has focused on how man and nature sometimes do not get along particularly well.

He believes that it is his obligation as an artist to use natural art techniques for his fine art. He realizes that a background of standard art techniques can only improve style and creative substance, regardless of eventual techniques and processes utilized. 

He currently works from his studio and gallery in Tampa, Florida

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