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Louis Miller

Ringling College of Art and Design Illustration Alumni 2003
Louis Miller 4.png
Louis Miller
Alumni Illustration '03

Louis Miller is a native New Yorker and designer who found quality of life in the tropics and now spends his time at a studio beneath the swaying palm trees painting fine art that is chic and functional. Louis Miller is a graduate of Ringling College of Art, BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, BGD, and The Ohio State University, MFA. Louis is a published illustrator/author and is a teacher of art and technology at Pine View School for the Gifted in Osprey, Fl. Louis hosts a daily painting blog at where he posts his latest work. Louis paints oil on canvas that is sewn into decor pillows, as well as stretched canvas to be framed. Louis also paints ink on canvas totes as well as watercolor and oil pastel on paper.

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