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Enchanted Tree

Enchanted Tree


Signed by David Liu

Hard Cover.

Book is based on Fables.


Beautiful beyond words is an enchanted paradise. It is home to garden creatures that take great pride in their appearance. In the very center of this paradise stands an Enchanted Tree, which is unlike any other. Its forbidden fruit glistens with the promise of mysterious poser to those who eat of it.

A Two-feeter soon enters their paradise. Interest turns into friendship as this being decides to give all the creatures their own unique names. Not long after, the beauty of a female Two-feeter captures the leader's heart.

Lured to the Enchanted Tree by a majestic phoenix boasting of her beauty, the Two-feeter gives in to her prideful desires and east the forbidden fruit. In an instant, her world turns upside down.

The Enchanted Tree is the cautionary tale of how one's decision to exchange the truth for a lie, changes everything!

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