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Jordan's Guest

Jordan's Guest


Signed by David Liu

Hard Cover.

Book is based on Fables.

Every day, Jordan stands tall in the old stable, watching, waiting, hoping guests will choose him to carry them on a tour of the city. Instead, they choose the horse or the camel, not the short-legged donkey. When the other animals tease him, Jordan becomes more and more impatient to discover his true purpose.

But there is little time for complaining– Jordan's friend Benny the lamb has been chosen as The One. It is a title of great honor, yet every year The One is led away to the frightening and mysterious Palace of Smoke... never to return.

When Benny suddenly disappears, Jordan and his friends embark on a frantic journey to find him, making surprising discoveries along the way that will tug at your heartstrings. Jordan's Guest is a captivating adventure that ultimately reveals how Jordan's purpose a part of a much bigger plan– but also an amazing new destiny for all of the animals.

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