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Scott Fischler

Ringling College of Art and Design Alumni Illustration 1988
Scott Fischler
Alumni Illustration '88

 I graduated from Ringling in the ol'days, when everything was in sepia tones and the weather was always warm.  The balmy breezes that blew through Sarasota at the time were the stuff of dreams.  

I led a bohemian lifestyle for the first few years after graduating and found that I enjoyed painting murals.  Alas, the recession put an end to that and deflated my dreams along with my fragile ego. So I cursed my muse and put down my brush.  However my muse would have none of that and inspired me when my guard was down(as muses often do.).  I started painting again, fish on wood. I do it for myself and only paint aquatic life.  It keeps me happy.


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