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Tom Stephens

Ringling College of Art and Design Fine Arts
Tom Stephens
Fine Art

Spontaneously, Tom Stephen's pieces are all process paintings. He'll start them with no preconceived notion of the final image. Diving into the canvas, works, and keeps working. He’ll go through a developing process of adding different layers of paint, and fine-tuning the color and composition. He'll respond to what’s happening with the paint, maybe build things up in the foreground and leave the background alone. An implied space emerges, and then he’ll continue to develop it. When the space feels complete, he stops.

Born in Cocoa Beach, FL, Tom Stephens’ paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions thought the United States. Stephens’ work is in corporate, and public collections including those of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Morgan Stanley, Ringling College of Art & Design, PNC Bank and over 85 Private Collections in USA and abroad.

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